Partial Testimonial List:



I want to thank you for an extremely interesting and informative seminar. The attendees were especially impressed with the way you interject humor into your presentation. They specifically commented on your enthusiasm and interesting subject matter. Again, thank you for an extremely interesting and informative seminar."


Betty Parahis, Training Coordinator

Chemistry and Materials Science

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



"On behalf of the Engineering Department at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, I would like to express our appreciation for your very informative and entertaining program. Your presentation was an excellent way of making us aware of how important life-style habits are and how they affect us. We look forward to welcoming you back to speak on other topics."


Marta Holm, Training Coordinator


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



"Your keynote presentation, Jump Starting the Mind, Body and Soul Without Coffee, Doughnuts, or Chocolate, and two concurrent sessions, Conflict Resolution-Using Effective Communication Skills, and Reevaluating the Strength of a Single Drink, were very well received according to the evaluations. Everyone appreciated your enlightening and humorous manner, and your use of visuals and handouts. The conference was a huge success, and we recognize the significant part you played in helping us make this conference a success."


Some of the attendees comments:


Inspirational, best speaker today.

Outstanding presentation, smooth, short and to the point.

Excellent! Please bring him back.

Informational, hope he will be back next year!

Great speaker, would like to see him back next year.

Wonderful, dynamic, enjoyed the laughing and the info!

More hugs, please!

Terrific messages delivered by an outstanding presenter.


Debi Roesch, Conference Coordinator,

6th Annual Care of the Elderly Conference

University of Alaska, Southeast



"We had a wonderful time during our Stress and Laughter Seminar. Everyone was very impressed with the wealth of information and the FUN manner in which it was presented." So impressed, that those who couldn't attend heard about it and wanted to know when you were coming back for part two."


"Since Chiron is on the cutting edge of Medical discoveries, you can well imagine the level of stress that most of our employees are under. We would like you to come back again next year so we can laugh our stress away."


Jois Bunch-Clark, R.N., M.S.N.,

Occupational Health Clinic

Chiron Corporation


Sylvia Hodge, R.N.,

Occupational Health Clinic

Chiron Corporation



"The American Heart Association would like to thank you for playing a part in our effort to fight heart disease and stroke. We appreciate all that you have contributed to assisting the American Heart Association with community education."


Lisa Wall

Western States Affiliate

Serving California, Nevada, and Utah

American Heart Association



"Thank you for being our keynote speaker at our Annual and Home Care Expo: Keys to the Future. Over 650 home care professionals registered. The feedback received from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Your timely and valuable address, Enhancing Morale, Motivation, and Productivity - Without Coffee, Doughnuts, or Chocolate, contributed greatly to the success of the conference. Participants found the content relevant to their current professional needs, and 88% would recommend the topic for a future conference. It has been a pleasure working with you!"


Some of the attendees comments:


Excellent speaker.

Great topic and presentation - Inspiring.

Very dynamic speaker.

Good humor.

Thank you for a great presentation. You are a breath of fresh air.

Great presenter.

We needed this. Thank you!

Very interesting, informative and relaxing.

Fun, Good way to start a conference.

This type of topic is a must for our type of business.

We need this. Very entertaining.

Inspiring! Challenging!


Laurie Carney, Education Specialist

California Association for Health Services at Home



"You certainly did a wonderful job at Lake Tahoe with our Executive Council. Received a copy of your new book. It looks great. We'll be looking forward to having you again."


Lawrence L Steinmetz, Ph.D., President

High Yield Management, Inc.

Boulder, Colorado



"What a great and motivational presentation! The California Arts Council staff has benefited greatly from your presentation. Your expertise, enthusiasm, and pragmatic approach was very much appreciated. Everyone who left your presentation was upbeat and motivated. Thank you for working with our agency."


Barbara Pieper, Director

California Arts Council, State of California



"Thank you for being our keynote speaker at Kentfield Rehabilitation Hospital's Annual Medical Executive Staff Meeting. Your presentation was timely, informative, and full of good humor. Thank you again for a wonderful presentation."


John Behrmann, CEO

Kentfield Rehabilitation Hospital



"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your class I took as part of my continuing education for nursing credits. I learned a great deal and your presentation was most interesting and informative."


Sandra R. Smoley

Secretary of Health and Welfare, State of California



"Your presentation was upbeat and very appropriate for the conference. I received many favorable comments on your presentation. Your thoughts continued to resonate with many of us long after you left."


Dale Hoffman

Friday Night Live

Ventura County



"Your extremely professional presentations covering topics of wellness and nutrition complemented the FBI's emphasis on a healthy life-style. Thank you again and I look forward to continuing contact and communication with you in the areas of health and fitness."


Albert R. Robinson, Acting Special Agent in Charge,

Federal Bureau of Investigations

United States, Department of Justice



"You are both entertaining and inspiration. You showed us how small adjustments can bring about considerable change. As we watched and listened we became involved in your enthusiasm. You were lovely."


G. Mosnier Past Branch President

American Association of University Women



"I want to extend our thanks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration enjoyed your presentation. Your personal touches and comments drove home a very clear message on how very important the area of wellness and stress management issues are for all concerned."


David L. Chesney, District Director

U.S. Food and Drug Administration



"Excellent presentation! The evaluations I am enclosing reflect the same sentiment. We would highly recommend your informative presentation to other companies as part of a wellness program. The key is to present information with knowledge and humor. That is exactly what you did."


Ellen Threadgill, Program Coordinator

Department of Motor Vehicles, Headquarters

State of California



"Your presentation brought a new and much appreciated dimension to our conference in Palm Springs. Your comprehensive professional knowledge and excellent ability to communicate played no small part in making our Spring Forum a huge success."


William P. Wise, President

California Assn. of Drinking Driving Treatment Programs



"On behalf of our Navy Officers and Medical Training Instructors, I would like to sincerely express our appreciation and gratitude for your very informative and enlightening presentation. Your style of delivery was dynamic, motivational, and overall, extremely effective. Each concept that you presented was well developed and executed with clarity and precision. Your mixture of humor and dedication to professionalism was appreciated by all of us. I have heard nothing but complimentary comments from our officers and instructors. Thanks and good luck."


CDR R.F. Nathanson

Commanding Officer

Navy & Marine Corps Reserve, Readiness Center

United States, Department of the Navy



"Please allow me to thank you for the briefing you gave to our Military Intelligence Battalion. All parties in attendance were very interested in the information you presented."


David R. Shaw, CPT, MI, USAR

Military Intelligence Battalion, Company A

United States, Department of the Army



"Exceptional presentation! Your insights on life-style change, stress management, and health were very well received. Your dynamic style and lively presentation are indicative of one who 'walks the talk!'"


Bruce A. Roy, Major,

California Air National Guard



"Responses from attendees at the conference were overwhelmingly positive. Your session was one of the best attended and very well received." Some of the attendees comments: Very creative and motivational with good humor. Personally entertaining with great information."


Marsha M. Lang, MS., JD,

Co-chair, Conference

California Wellness Information Network



"I must say you got rave reviews! There are people still talking about the ideas you covered."


Art Perez,

Office of Environmental Health and Safety

University of California, Davis



"Dr. Haring, thanks so much for presenting your seminar on Dynamics of a Healthy Life-style. Your program was very well attended. Your background is of great value and your knowledge of how to make life-style changes was very motivational. You are a dynamic speaker. Many thanks again."


Barbara Beland

Health Coordinator

Charter Behavioral Health System

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