An Incredible Place to See Ancient Trees, Whether They are Alive or Not! (Bristlecone National Park)

An Invigorating Place to Kayak! (Hosmer Lake, Deschutes National Forest)

An Exciting Car to Drive On a Beautiful Spring Afternoon! (Napa Wine Country!

A Sumptuous Dessert to Devour, Occasionally! (Location, Anywhere)

A Spectacular Place to Hike! (Arches National Park)

A Historic Place to Visit the Wild West! (Bodie, California State Park)

A Surreal Place to Explore! (Antelope Canyon)

A Favorite Place to Watch Sunsets! (Death Valley National Park)

An astonishing Place to Reflect on the Past and Contemplate the Future! (Antigua, Guatemala)

A Region In the World Where Hope and Dreams May Someday Come True!

(Somewhere Ninety-three Million Miles From the Sun)

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